Watchfire FAQs

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“It was really neat to see how much the women went through, because when you read about it in a history textbook, it’s not the same as seeing a person embody their words and actually hearing someone speak it, it puts you in the moment.”

Middle Tennessee State University, undergraduate student

What are the Available Dates to book a Watchfire?

A Watchfire is available to book on Saturdays between March and July, 2020.

Can we schedule for a date not listed?

Absolutely! If you have another date in mind, contact Rebecca Price at immediately.

Can I rent the Watchfire Program supplies and run the event myself?

No. The Watchfire Program is a facilitated, educational program that addresses issues of gender and race. The program was developed with this in mind, and the speakers facilitate and mediate throughout the event to ensure the event is successful, engaging, comfortable, and most importantly, an atmosphere conducive to authentic enquiry and learning is created.

How long does a Watchfire Program last?

A typical Watchfire runs about two hours from start to finish. The first 30 minutes are check-in and mingling. The facilitated program runs about 1 hour, and then we allow for about 30 minutes of questions and further mingling. After a Watchfire, attendees are very energized and excited, and having that time to talk and process adds to their experience. Based on your venues, we can tailor the schedule to your needs.

How much is the Program Fee?

The program fee is $500. This includes the speaker fees and program supplies. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to secure the date. The remaining $400 will be due on the date of the event.

Are there additional expenses?

Possibly. Chick History is based in Nashville, TN and if travel to your site is required, travel expenses and accommodations are additional. Contact Rebecca Price at to discuss travel. Based on your site’s location, travel expenses will be estimated and negotiated, and included into your final invoice due on the date of the event.

Any other supplies outside of the Watchfire Program supplies (food, beverages, etc.) are at the expense and coordination of the venue site.

What’s the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your Watchfire Program up to 72 hours before the start of the event. The $100 deposit and credit card processing fee is non-refundable. If Chick History incurred travel costs that are non-refundable (accommodations, etc.) the venue site will be responsible for those expenses as well. If Chick History is able to book another Watchfire Program on your date, the $100 deposit minus any processing fees, will be returned. We will go over all this when you book!

What supplies or set-up does the Venue Site need to provide?

Chick History will bring all supplies necessary to run the program. Venue Site should provide at least one table for the program supplies and speakers. AV and audio equipment is not necessary, but some venues prefer to have it available. Venue should provide chairs for audience. Any additional supplies or event set-up is at the discretion of the venue. Contact Rebecca Price at to discuss possibilities and how other venues have set-up for a Watchfire.

Should the venue charge admission or ticket the event?

This is completely up to the venue and your admission and event policy. The Watchfire Program Fee is a flat fee, and does not change if a venue charges admission. Contact Rebecca Price at if you are interested in ticketing or using the Watchfire Program as a fundraiser, to discuss options and recommendations.

Have other questions?

Contact Rebecca Price at with any other questions you would like to discuss before booking your Watchfire!