Tennessee Suffrage Monument


The final dramatic showdown over Suffrage played out in 1920 in the Tennessee State Capitol. Suffragists, identified by wearing yellow roses, needed one more state to ratify the amendment. Tennessee was their last chance. The Anti-Suffragists, wearing red roses, would do all they could to block the vote. Down to the wire and one vote, Tennessee came through and became the 36th State needed to ratify the 19th Amendment. All American women could now vote.

Tennessee Suffrage Monument, Inc.

A multiyear effort by a group of dedicated women to honor Tennessee suffragists with a monument gifted to the state of Tennessee is underway. Chick History is helping to promote the local history and inspiring story of these women through social media. To learn more about the event and the history behind this moment that changed America forever, follow TN Suffrage Monument on facebook and twitter.

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