Feminist: Stories From Women’s Liberation


One of the biggest challenges facing women’s history in the field and in society is the lack of story-telling. There is an extreme void when it comes to accurate and thoughtful interpretation and history of women’s contributions to society. Nowhere is this more evident in recent times than in the period known as The Feminist Liberation Movement.

In 2011, Chick History formed a twitter partnership with Jennifer Lee to help promote her forthcoming film Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberationa one hour film about the women’s liberation movement covering the years 1963-1970. She started shooting the interviews for the film in 2004. It was released in 2013 and has been shown in film festivals, on college campuses, for non-profit organizations, in middle schools and has been shown globally. It is a part of the National Center for History in the Schools. It won “Best of the Fest” for documentary at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival.

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