Jail Door Pin – $45, includes S/H

jail door pin homepage“We must remember the past, hold fast to the present, and build for the future. If you stand in your accepted place today, it is because some woman had to fight yesterday.” – Sue Shelton White, born 1887, first woman attorney of Jackson, TN, leader in the National Woman’s Party, and the only Tennessean arrested for picketing the White House.

In 1917, the National Woman’s Party began picketing the White House in order to pressure President Woodrow Wilson to support the passage of the federal suffrage amendment.  Soon the suffragists were arrested and imprisoned.

To honor them, Alice Paul presented eighty-nine women with a pin that would become known as the Jail Door Pin. Modeled after the British suffragette pin – known as the Holloway Broach – Alice Paul created this pin for the National Woman’s Party members who were imprisoned for picketing the White House.

Alice Paul’s original Jail Door Pin is in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Own a piece of history with this exact replica of the Jail Door Pin, which depicts a prison door with a lock and chain attached.

Your purchase supports the work of Chick History and March to the 19th, a five year grassroots campaign for women’s history