The stories of women must be told.


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Countless historical women’s voices, experiences, and stories are hidden across Tennessee.

At Chick History, we want to do something about that.

Earlier this year, we launched March to the 19th in partnership with Humanities Tennessee. Our grassroots campaign seeks to rebuild women’s history in Tennessee over the next five years to commemorate the centennial of the 19th Amendment in 2020 and give voice to countless women who have contributed to America’s history.

In 2016, we travelled across the state to empower history professionals and build a network of museum and history professionals committed to better women’s history. More than 160 attendees from over 80 organizations participated in Chick History Bootcamps, a one-day training program for women’s history, professional development and networking.

Now it’s time to look to our family history and begin protecting the legacy. Without this history, we’ll never have the full picture of what happened. Working with diverse communities, we dedicate our next phase to uncovering and preserving stories related to suffrage and voting history in Tennessee. Specifically, we will make a major push for local, lesser-known stories with a priority focus on African-American women histories that expand the narrative of suffrage in our state.

To help develop this phase of March to the 19th, we’ve built an amazing statewide task force comprised of professionals from the National Civil Rights Museum, The University of Memphis, The Tennessee State Library & Archives, Tennessee State University, Nashville Public Library, Middle Tennessee State University, and the Beck Cultural Exchange Center.

We need your support to keep marching forward! 

Please help us protect the legacy of these Tennessee women and give to this crucial initiative. Your donation ensures the the task force has the resources it needs to uncover, digitize, and protect these stories.

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