#HerStory Podcast Featured in New Museum Book

9781442275690The #HerStory Podcast, one of Chick History’s first projects, was featured in the new museum book Positioning Your Museum as a Critical Community Asset.

In this how-to guide, practitioners at cultural heritage venues share their experiences in building sustainable relationships with their geographic and demographic communities.  Positioning Your Museum as a Critical Community Asset: A Practical Guide uses six thematic sections with case studies from museums around the world that successfully aligned their mission and resources with the needs of their community.

The #HerStory Podcast is featured as a case study in the section “Engaging User Audiences in the Digital Landscape.” The project showed how an organization can engage with its audience online and experience a different type and farther reaching engagement.

Since its release in 2012, the #HerStory Podcast has been downloaded over 30,000 times. It spans 2,000 years of women’s history, from the daughter of Cleopatra the Great to a Kenyan Environmental Activist.

For the #HerStory Podcast, 50 contemporary women where asked to share the story of the historical woman who inspired them.

HerStory twitter post

All 50 women were asked the same three questions, and were allowed to pick any historic woman they wanted. The entire content that was shared was controlled by the interviewee, not the producer, Chick History. These participants became ambassadors for the project, helped to market, and create additional content outside of their episodes, all for free.

To listen to all 50 episodes and learn more about the #HerStory Podcast, visit the project’s website www.herstory.chickhistory.org.

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