Chick History 2016 Annual Fund a Success


THANK YOU to our donors who contributed to the 2016 Annual Fund! Your support and belief in the work of Chick History makes all the difference, and we can’t do this without you. Thanks to the generosity of the following donors, we reached our $10,000 goal.

Individual Donors

Jennifer Alexander
Sanjana Ballal
Lindsay Crockett
Debby Gould
Sharon Harris
Mary Hoffschwelle
Stacy Nunnally
Bonnie Price
Pamela Price
Rebecca Price and Tony Marks
Jennifer Puryear
Courtenay Rogers
Mary Skinner, in memory of Loiette Hume “Lolly” Henry
Knight Stivender
Jennifer Stone
Jennifer Way

Organization Donors

Akin Maloney
Carpe Diem Copyright Management
David and Melinda Gales Fund
Kendra Scott
Perfect Memoirs

Why your donations are critical.

Chick History is a new nonprofit with only two completed financial years. Many grant programs (but not all) require a minimum of three audited years for eligibility. During our first three years of operation, individual and corporate giving will be key to our success. So, thank you to everyone who donated and will keep Chick History operating!

What your donations will go to.

Phase II of March to the 19th. In 2017, working with diverse communities, we dedicate our second phase of March to the 19th to uncovering and preserving stories related to suffrage and voting history in Tennessee. Specifically, we will make a major push for African-American women histories and local, lesser-known stories that expand the narrative of suffrage in our state. We are working with the National Civil Rights Museum, The University of Memphis, The Tennessee State Library & Archives, Tennessee State University, Nashville Public Library, Middle Tennessee State University, and the Beck Cultural Exchange Center to accomplish this work. You can learn more here.


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