It’s Official, Chick History is Official!

Five months ago, I threw my shoe across a fence and then had to figure out how to go and get it.

I quit my job and began creating something from the ground up, something I believe in, something that I want to wake up every morning and give all of myself to. In reality, I’ve been working on this my entire life.

I’m so overwhelming happy to say that last night was the first board meeting of Chick History, Inc. I am so proud to be joined by Jenny Holskey Alexander, Sanjana Ballal, and Knight Stivender, three inspiring women who have without hesitation jumped “on board” with me to make a difference and pursue a passion.


The Next Chapter Has Begun

For the past five years, you guys have followed me and supported me as this blog turned into a website and into partnerships with amazing organizations and people. I have met so many incredible and talented people over the years, and I can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement and support.

Last night, Chick History, Inc. emerged and a new chapter has begun, bigger, better, and committed to bridging the gap between the past and the present so we have a better future. We have so much planned so stay tuned and commit to rebuilding history, one story at a time!

-Rebecca Price

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