Spotted! Another Women Photoshopped Out of History

In May of 2011, I wrote about the “writing out” of history of Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason in the famous photograph taken on the night Osama bin Laden was killed in an American military operation. It was an example, from our times, of how women are literally written out of the historical record.

Nursing Clio recently published a post on another doctored photo from history, this time an Irish woman named Elizabeth O’Farrell. She was a mother, a nurse, and a rebel combatant.

The altered photo is this one here that shows the moment the Irish (on the right) surrendered to the British (on the left) during the Easter Rising of 1916. Elizabeth O’Farrell was there. If you look closely at the photograph on the left and in the middle you can make out the bottom of her legs and shoes as she stands beside Padraig Pearse. In the last photo on the right, she is gone.

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