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Half the population got left out of history.

It’s time we did something about it. At the core of Chick History is the belief that every great story has not been told, and more importantly, what we’ve been told isn’t the whole picture. Women’s history is all around us, we just have to dig it out and put it back in place…one story at a time.

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With Tennessee history always as the backdrop, we will build a grassroots campaign that celebrates and commemorates all women’s history.

Countless historical women’s stories have been pushed to the side, buried, or hidden across Tennessee. Their stories must be rescued. Read the full press release.


  1. Empowering history professionals. (Completed! Read the Final Report.)
  2. Protecting the legacy. (Visit the project’s website.)
  3. Sharing the women’s history all around us.
  4. Inspiring the next generation.


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Image: Nurses in front of Jane Terrell Hospital, 1910s. Hooks Brothers Photographers. Courtesy of Department of Art Collection, University of Memphis

“African American women actively worked in the women’s suffrage movement. In the struggle for the vote, black women fought racism and sexism simultaneously. Initially black men in prominent positions like Frederick Douglas were the public front of the suffrage movement, while black women’ activism was behind the scenes. During the late nineteenth century however, more black women stepped to the lead in local and regional organizing efforts.” – Earnestine Jenkins, P.D., Professor of Art History, Department of Art, University of Memphis. 

Click here to learn more about our current effort to digitize and collect the histories of African American women’s political history prior to 1930 in Tennessee.

Chick History, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rebuilding history one story at a time by focusing on women’s history. Keep up to date on Twitter, hangout on Facebook, and get inspired on Instagram.

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